Consulting A Tax Professional vs. Going DIY

Posted by Armen G. Derderian C.P.A on May 21, 2018

accountant in MAFinancial management can become complicated, especially when you do not know the ins and outs of the tax industry. However, with the rise of technology and software, it has become easier to manage complex operations and go DIY for plenty of day-to-day functions. When it comes to taxes, it still pays off to consult an accountant in MA instead of managing money yourself.



1.) Expertise

You can count on a CPA to know tax rules, regulations, and financial operations as they change. Chances are, unless you studied finances extensively, you do not know as much as an expert will.


2.) Precision

Software like TurboTax is great for simple, easy returns, but what happens when things get a little bit complicated? Taking care of involved tax preparation is what CPAs specialize in, and they will be able to deliver the right and precise results you need.


3.) No Room For Mistakes

With the experience and precision they have accrued, an accountant in MA will be able to work well with the numbers you give them. Their education was comprised of learning numbers inside out, and there will be no room for mistakes when they prepare your tax information.


4.) Resources

A CPA will have the right resources at their disposal to provide the best results for your tax preparation. Chances are, if you do the work yourself, you will not find out how to find the best tools or resources to maximize results or go through the process correctly. 


5.) Better Results

A CPA’s experience, resources, and precision all come together to deliver the best, most successful results during tax season. Sure, you may be able to find some money on your own, but someone who specializes in the financial industry will know all of the places to find money and give you a better refund!



Now, are you convinced? For quality tax preparation, give Armen G. Derderian, CPA, CGMA a call at (978)-794-9200 and speak to an accountant in MA today!